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The Golden Scorpion
Many times imitated and never equaled



"Nothing surpasses the significance of mastering information retrieval. Our analysts, experts hailing from key operational hubs, boast backgrounds in government intelligence, adding unparalleled expertise to our team."


"We are at the forefront in delivering security and resource extraction in conflict zones. Additionally, our VIP services safeguard public figures at social gatherings, international conferences, and government summits with unwavering excellence."


"Our specialized staff excels in Defense, and we don't just dwell in theory. We proudly house the foremost experts in the field. Our operations, maneuvers, missions, and their outcomes speak volumes as our ultimate introduction."


"Scorpion IDS serves as the official representative for the USA, Central, and South America. Utilize our contact form to inquire about tailored government solutions to meet your specific needs."


"In cities, remote towns, across continents, even in conflict zones, our group guarantees your protection, your employees, and asset security. We offer global extraction services."


"Rapid Deployment Unit: For genuine emergencies, we provide tangible solutions. Our swift intervention team stands prepared for a 24-hour deployment, delivering nothing but professional solutions." (209 caracteres)

About us

Scorpion IDS

"We are not just any company; we are a group of highly skilled, independent professionals with a wealth of experience in executing critical missions within conflict zones across the globe. Regardless of the complexity or gravity of your problem, rest assured that our team possesses the expertise and determination to provide effective solutions."

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Professional Team

Scorpion IDS está compuesto por profesionales dedicados que tienen experiencia, creatividad y determinación.


Our deployments are really fast, in 48 hours our team will be where you need us. Even in countries where there are blockades


If we accept your work proposal you will obtain the desired result, we always guarantee to get the job done. You pay, we do the work.

World Network

Our network of professional contacts is present throughout the world. Where you need us, we have contacts


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+1 (786) 292-4595

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Please use the information below to contact us. "WE DO NOT RECRUIT"


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